The QR Client Portfolio


ESBEE Signs is a fast growing architectural signage company. In late 2008 they felt a need to expand their workspace and their office space.


In came Qamar Remodeling. We created a completely new look for their office, and helped them in building a workspace that would complement their sign-building process.

Salim Investments

Salim is a real estate investor, who lives in California and invests in Texas. He has been working with us for the last three years.


In his own words: "I wouldn’t have been investing in Houston if it wasn’t for Qamar Remodeling. I buy old properties and Qamar remodeling helps me to remodel these properties for resale."

B&B-news n more Galleria Mall-Dallas

One of the very first commercial projects our team got was in the Dallas Galleria Mall. We had to construct a new storefront for B&B news n more. Besides the storefront our team also helped in installing the air-conditioning unit, and other utility related issues.

Building is Our Passion!

When we build, We try to bring Quality and Aesthetics together, and we succeed in doing so, Everytime!

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